Project Veritas strikes again: Exposes CNN propaganda machine

Earlier today Project Veritas released there new series entitled American Pravda. In the first part of the series you will see a Sr. Producer at CNN admit that their entire Russia narrative is being pushed by the CEO and is “mostly bullshit.” He admits that their motivations are strictly for ratings and that President Trump is correct when he refers to the whole ordeal as a witch hunt.

If you haven’t seen it yet you can check out the video below.

This is only part 1, who knows what other bombs Project Veritas has up it’s sleeve. If you don’t remember Project Veritas was the same group that released undercover videos during the last election cycle showing Democratic leadership engaging in voter fraud, illegal money transfers and inciting violence. Their videos are always quite hard hitting and have devastating effects. I think that this series will be no different.

My suspicion is CNN already knew that these tapes would be released and that the earlier CNN scandal, which caused three journalists to resign, was done as a cover in order to confuse the two different stories. By confusing the two stories, when someone becomes aware of the Project Veritas bombshell they can lump it in with more complicated earlier story that has supposedly already been addressed. When I told someone earlier today about the new video, they said “Yea, I heard something like that, and three people were let go right?” See, that’s how it works.

As someone who is a member of the non-mainstream media and pushes back against the political orthodoxy of the day it certainly does make me happy to see CNN get exposed as what any thinking person already knew that they were, a propaganda machine. However, I think that the story is much bigger than this. What we are witnessing is the collapse of the legitimacy of the entire mainstream media, not just CNN. I do not think that this is a Republican vs Democrat phenomena.

The sorcery that the media has always used to control the masses is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The double edge sword of technology has been let out of Pandora’s Box and the establishment can no longer control the narrative. I know that there are still MANY people out there that get their information only from Mainstream sources (and usually in only snippets and headlines) but the tide is turning.

What does this mean for you and me? Knowledge is power. While it would be nice if more people were able to see through lies and manipulations that they are presented on a daily basis, it will never happen. What can happen is that you can take this information and learn to see reality for yourself. With access to direct unfiltered and reality based information you can better predict market trends and other things that can benefit you, regardless of who else participates.

Also, knowing that many of the eyeballs that have been glued to MSM are now looking for other outlets, you can take that opportunity to share your own message to a larger audience. Now is a great time for entrepreneurs and independent thinkers to speak honestly and directly to public and cut out the middle man. As of now you would probably get a greater bump in your audience by being a guest on a round of independent podcasts from home than you would by flying around the country to be on a bunch of plastic news shows.

This is not about partisan bickering, this is about the disempowerment of the manipulators of culture. By taking action and having integrity you can be ahead of the curve in the new paradigm.

Exciting times indeed.