Reaching the Finish Line with Kallen Diggs

Ep 18

We recently ran across an interview with Kallen Diggs on ways to avoid college debt.

After watching the interview we decided to contact him and find out some more information about his book Reaching the Finish Line. Kallen is a career councilor who has helped over 2000 people achieve their goals. In this episode we talk about making a career for yourself without a college or even high school degree, how to get a four your degree in one year and many other things. During the interview he gives an limited time opportunity to the Borderless Network to work with him directly. If you are looking for one on one help in achieving a borderless lifestyle this is the podcast for you.

To take advantage of this limited time offer send an e-mail to and tell him that you heard about his book on the borderless podcast.

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Show Notes:
Kallen’s Background (2:55)
The inspiration for writing his book (3:50)
The factors that keep people from reaching their goals (7:30)
Motive vs motivation (9:10)
Spending time with the right people (10:10)
The importance of taking the first step (12:00)
Dealing with procrastination (14:15)
The three M metric for setting goals (15:20)
Considering getting a college education (17:50)
Taking a gap year to travel (21:15)
Making  career for yourself without a high school diploma (23:20)
Making a full-time pay while working part-term hours (24:32)
Getting a bachelors degree in one year (29:00)
The benefits of working from home (31:27)
Career options for working from home (33:55)
Making money in Real Estate (35:43)
Miking past the crossroads (39:55)
Being the victor instead of the victim (44:30)
How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
The Success Principles
Kallen’s offer to the Borderless Network (47:55)
The best advice for entrepreneurs (49:13)