Real stories from 26 years as an expat in Latin America


Johnny Mueller is the host of The Expat Files, a podcast where he gives on the ground advice about living and working in Latin America. After over 26 years living and doing business as an expat he has quite a lot of exciting stories that are great to listen to and learn from. He describes what he calls The Gringo Advantage that benefits US expats in Latin countries and the Latin American real estate bubble that he thinks is about to burst.

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Show notes:
(3:20) Why Johnny chooses to have a low profile
(5:13) Johnny’s background and how he settled in Latin America
(7:50) His experience starting his first business in Antigua.
(11:50) The Expat Files Podcast
(13:30) What do you do if you get in an accident in Latin America.
(17:00) Are you more free in the US or Latin America?
(23:25) The Gringo Advantage
(26:31) The Condescending group
(29:15) Some of the high profile people Johnny has interviewed on The Expat Files
(32:20) Corruption in Latin America vs the US
(34:12) The Latin American real estate bubble
(40:30) The bright spots in Latin American real estate
(47:15) The Latin American Insiders Seminar
(56:10) Advice for someone that is thinking of moving to Latin America

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