Life and Real Estate Investing in Medellin, Colombia: Rich Holman from FAR International

On this 98th episode of the Borderless Podcast I spoke to Rich Holman, founder and president of FAR international. He first came down to Medellin, Colombia in 2006 and quickly realized that it was the place that he wanted to live. He also realized that there were no English speaking real state offices in the whole city. He decided to take the leap and at over 60 years old and with very limited Spanish he moved to Medellin and started his own real estate company. Now 12 years later, not only is his real estate company, FAR International, thriving with 4 offices and over 100 employees, but he has many other successful business ventures as well. He ‘s able to do all of this in a place that he considers to be the best city on earth.

Unfortunately, due to a computer problem only  half the interview was recorded. Even so, I think there is some great information there for those thinking of being tail-blazers themselves.

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