Rocio Pinto on Entrepreneurship in Guatemala

This weeks podcast is all about Guatemala! Rocio Pinto is the entrepreneurial ambassador for Universidad Francisco Marroquín and the one responsible for bringing this years MIT Global Startup Workshop to Guatemala city this March 25-27. We speak to her about the upcoming conference as well as other aspects of the start-up scene in Guatemala. You may be surprised at the growing culture of entrepreneurship that is happening there.

For more information about the Global Start-up Workshop click here.

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Show Notes:
Rocio’s background (3:40)
Is Guatemala a good place for entrepreneurs? (6:30)
The Heuristics program (7:40)
Is Guatemala a good place for expats? (13:30)
Is government friendly to business in Guatemala? (15:40)
How Rocio brought the Global Startup Workshop to UFM (21:20)
Some of the speakers that will be at theGlobal Startup Workshop  (24:45)
The topics that will be covered at theGlobal Startup Workshop  (25:50)
Business opportunities in Guatemala (24:40)
Designing products for under a dollar (31:10)
Rocio’s advice to Entrepreneurs (32:00)