Save a Fortune With Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical costs are steadily increasing in the United States. Much of the population is teetering on the edge of financial ruin which could be brought about by just one accident or ailment. Also many people are not aware of the life saving procedures that are available in different countries. In this episode we talk to John Cote from the Healthcare Elsewhere Podcast about how medical tourism can be the perfect solution to these problems. He has spoken to over one hundred people in the industry and written a book on how to find the best places internationally to lower medical costs. He also gives us some incredible stories about people that have had their lives changed by procedures that were not available in the United States. Listen to this podcast to get some information that could save your life!

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Show Notes:
How John Got into Medical tourism (3:40)
Tim Ferris Podcast with Josh Waitzkin
What is Medical Tourism (7:05)
Some fear that people have about medical tourism (9:25)
Areas that specialize in different things (13:16)
The incredible possibilities with stem cell procedures (19:15)
Dallas Buyers Club
FDA and Consumer Welfare by Robert Higgs
Confirmation bias (33:00)
How the internet is changing the Medical industry (35:45)
Medical tourism reviews websites (,,
Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
How will Obamacare impact medical tourism (46:45)
Business opportunities in the medical field (49:55)
John’s advice to entrepreneurs (50:22)