Saving on Taxes With a Borderless Lifestyle

Erasing Taxes

You are probably paying more in taxes than you need to. By having a good strategy you can lower your tax burden while also creating a layer of protection for your assets. These types of strategies are what Diane Kennedy has specialized in for decades. Diane is the author, speaker and highly sought after tax strategies behind In this episode we talk about many tax issues that are essential for those interested in living and doing business internationally. One of the main reasons for going international is the tax and protection strategies it affords and Diane is here to teach you how to get started.

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Show Notes:
Diane’s history as a Rich Dad advisor (2:45)
Her experience as a writer (3:55)
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (5:30)
Other deductions you can take (8:30)
How to keep income outside of US jurisdiction (9:20)
Tax strategies with precious metals (11:17)
What changes do we need to make now that FATCA is in effect (13:20)
The case of Carl Zwerner (15:20)
When is it a good idea to incorporate overseas (18:20)
Bitcoin (21:30)
Getting your money into a foreign corporation (25:35)
Diane’s coaching program (29:12)
other services at (30:10)
The first steps to setting up your tax strategy (31:25)
The tax benefits of having your own company (32:15)