Scott Oliver on Costa Rica, Self Publishing and Entrepreneurship

If you are into traveling the world, making lots of money and then writing books about it then Scott Oliver is the guy for you.

Scott Oliver is an entrepreneur, investor and author who has lived in over ten countries throughout the world. In this episode we talk about what it takes to move, buy property and start businesses in different countries. We also talk about life in Costa Rica and Latin America in general.

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What kind of information product is missing for those that want to live and work internationally?


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Show notes

  • Scott’s background and how he started his business
  • The decline in number of people looking able to move to Costa Rica because of the economic crisis
  • Business opportunities is Costa Rica and online
  • Some of the obstacles that keep people back from moving to a new country
  • Having the right attitude to achieve your goals
  • Dealing with differences in Culture when moving to a new country
  • The goal of Scott’s books
  • The process of authoring a book
  • Life in different areas in Costa Rica
  • Cost of living in Costa Rica
  • The ease of international travel from Costa Rica
  • Weekend destinations in Costa Rica
  • Free book offers for listeners