Sean Reagan and Mittie Roger on Adventure Travel


In this episode we talk to Sean Reagan and Mittie Roger about leaving the US making a new lives for themselves adventure can you purchase viagra online traveling through Latin America.

Sean Reagan had a Foreign Policy job in Washington, DC when he decided it wasn’t the life that he wanted to continue to lead. Seven years ago he packed up and moved to Mexico working as a freelance photographer at Sean Reagan Photography.

Mittie Roger has also been living and working in Mexico city after traveling to many places throughout the world. You can find her writings at their blog

We were able to have Sean and Mittie in our Studio in San Miguel de Allende to talk about how they are able to make a living while traveling and many other things.

Check out this great video with them talking about adventure traveling in Latin America in “La Poderosa.”

Show Notes:
Why Traveling as a couple is better (8:00)
There trip through Guatemala (10:15)
Dealing with security on the road (11:40)
Problems with border crossings (13:30)
Dealing with money on the road (15:50)
Leaving their 9-5 to live in Mexico (18:40)
His transition to becoming a photographer (20:55)
Mittie’s transition by teaching English (25:10)
The Land Rover Community (30:00)
Mundo Maya ’14 (32:15)
How to get started as a writer (33:30)
Mittie’s Travel Workbook (37:25)
Aurora (39:20)
Highlights of some of Mittie’s travels (39:45)
Highlights from Sean’s travels (42:10)
The Migrant Project (43:55)
Finding a women that is into travel (54:34)
Investing in rental property to support travel (1:00:45)
Sean and Mittie’s advice to others thinking of leaving their 9-5 (1:05:00)

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