Should Liberty Lovers Leave the United States, Cont’d: Roundtable with Pete Sisco


Pets Sisco from Episode 7 joins us again to discuss the recent article Should Liberty Lovers Leave the United States?In the article  James debates Carla Gericke of The Free State Project over whether or not someone fed up with the government of the US should stay and fight or leave and look for greener pastures elsewhere. This is a very enlightening discussion about how different life can be when moving to different countries and what the future may look like.

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Show notes:
Every minute you spend fighting is a minute you could have spent living (13:57)
Religion and nationality (16:10)
The story of your enslavement (18:14)
Pete’s book The Freedom App (19:10)
Go and living with more liberty today  (28:00)
Medical care outside the US (32:50)
Getting tickets in and outside the US (38:00)
How much freedom is there in the US? (41:50)
Resilient personal freedom (51:10)
Stay and fight for what exactly? (55:30)

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