Do you need help internationalizing your life?

Finding the right health insurance policy for you and your family?

Moving yourself and your family overseas?

Purchasing and managing real estate?

Setting up the right structure to optimize for taxes and asset protection?

Are you trying to grow your online business?

Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be.

Let me help you get past your personal borders.

For over a decade now I have been living internationally while making money online, with real estate and as an international insurance broker. I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error!

In addition to that, the over 100 podcasts that I’ve done has given me an invaluable amount of knowledge and contacts that I can use to help you.

Just some of my experience:

  • Renovated and professionally managed many vacation rental properties in Latin America and the US.
  • Sold real estate as an agent for Coldwell Banker Previews International.
  • Worked as a broker for an offshore investment bank owned by a famous financial advisor.
  • Written and edited videos for a well known blogger and YouTuber in the internationalization market.
  • Helped countless people move to and/or buy real estate in Mexico.
  • Worked for an international expat accounting firm helping clients with incorporation set-up.
  • Work as a professional insurance advisor to help expatriates get the coverage they need at the best price available.
  • Recorded and produced The Borderless Podcast which has more than 100 interviews of professionals from a wide range of subject and received over 80 five star reviews.

Through these experiences I have gained knowledge in many areas that is hard to come by. I will certainly admit that I do not know the answer to every specific question you may have through my network there is not much that I can at least refer you and get you going in the right direction. Knowing who to trust is a giant hurdle and I know a lot of the inside information that will help you from getting in a bad situation.

You may just want some coaching or counseling every once in a while to help you continue  in the right direction and have someone to keep you accountable, I am happy to help with that too!

If you enjoy my work here is a great “win-win” way that you can support the show. I promise to do my best to get you on the right path.

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James is a treasure trove of information about all things related to expat / digital nomad life and very generous in sharing his knowledge with interested individuals. Really grateful to have connected with him and look forward to speaking with him again soon.

Adrian Rish

Talking to James was great! It was professional yet felt like I was speaking to an old friend. James to great care to answer all my questions and give me the direction I really needed to get started. Thanks again!

Chris Makestas

James is a true professional. He gave me excellent information and advice about moving to and living in San Miguel de Allende. I am looking forward to taking advantage of his package deal when we visit and explore San Miguel. Thanks James!

Tim Welch

James was very helpful, intelligent, and insightful and provided me with actionable information that will help me a lot. Definitely worth it!

Matt McCabe