Subleasing Vacation Rentals Like a Boss with Airbnb, VRBO and

In this episode I spoke to Borja Rodriguez, the founder of Vacation Marbella. After quitting his job in finance he decided to try his hand at the vacation rental business. He started by sub-leasing a few properties on Airbnb, and VRBO and in less than three years later he has grown a full fledged business managing over 70 properties with 16 employees. To get a full idea of his operation you can watch the Marbella episode of Sense of Place.

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Show Notes:
–  Sense of Place Episode 6 – Marbella – First Who, Then What (5:30)
– Borja’s background (8:36)
– His business strategy (9:40)
– How he built it into a stable, scalable business (11:40)
– His hiring practices (13:25)
– Is it hard to be an entrepreneur in Spain? (16:00)
– Options for financing a vacation rental business (19:20)
– Is the vacation rental market becoming too competitive? (28:40)
– How to drive traffic to your vacation rental website (34:20)
– Which websites are the best to use to get bookings (36:30)
– Which management softwares to use. (38:00)
– Meet the guest or self check in? (46:30)
– How becoming an entrepreneur has improved his life. (49:00)
– Some other good locations. (51:15)
– Recommendations to get started in Vacation Rentals. (52:30)
– Borja’s recommendations to aspiring entrepreneurs (54:00)

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