Sustainable Life in the Dominican Republic


Are you worried about the sustainability of the western world? If so, Barry Soloman says the Dominican Republic is a great place to consider living. Barry is the co-founder of the popular website and YouTube channel DR Escapes. During his travels to over a hundred countries he realized that the economies of most western nations were unsustainable. His study of trends brought him to find the farming regions of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic as one of the most stable areas in the northern hemisphere. We talk to Barry about the cost of living, immigration, medical care and many other aspects of life in the Dominican Republic.

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How Barry started on his path (3:35)
The unsustainability of western nations (6:20)
Why Barry chose to live in Dominican Republic (7:55)
The affects of the 2008 crash (9:45)
When will the western nations start to collapse (11:35)
The pros of living in DR (13:45)
The cons of living in DR (16:45)
Barry’s DR Escapes tour service (20:00)
Citizenship process in DR (23:15)
Prices of real estate in DR (30:00)
Prices of other expenses in DR (32:30)
Medical Care (33:11)
Other expats that live there (35:40)
Rental prices (36:00)
The climate (37:15)
Barry’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs (39:29)