Taking the Red Pill with Chris Delamo

ep31In this Episode we talk to Chris Delamo from Red Pill Philosophy. His YouTube rantings have made him a hit with over 8 million views and 40,000 subscribers. We spoke to Chris about some of the tactics he uses to stay authentic and consistent with his work as well as how technology and the internet is changing the landscape of business.

Show Notes:
What is Anti-feminism? (4:42)
Do you need to have a niche? (6:35)
How your job impacts your health  (7:20)
The importance of authenticity (14:40)
Standing strong in your values (16:10)
Is the customer always right? (21:45)
Waking up to the matrix (24:55)
Quit Your Job, Do What You Love (34:45)
Are you a slave? (40:25)
How to stay consistent (42:30)
Ways to monetize a blog (48:00)
Become a Red Pill Philosophy Member
L-Theanine (50:48)
Chris’s advice to other artists (54:50)

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