The Best Paying Jobs You Can Do at Home and Other Questions Answered

ep27coverIn this episode of the Borderless Podcast James and Jonathan talk about some of the top ways to make a living while working from home and also answer questions from the audience.  If you would like to take part in future Q & A’s you can join the discussion on the free Borderless Network.

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Show notes:
Why Italians are leaving the country (8:50)
How important is it to be fluent in Spanish when traveling in Latin America (10:35)
Luis Von Ahn (15:00)
Babble (16:45)
Binging Gold or Silver coins into different countries (18:15)
How Not to Transport Your Gold Internationally: Jailed in Mexico (19:05)
Why San Miguel de Allende (25:48)
My secret to success in San Miguel de Allende (26:15)
Interview with Jonathan Lockwood: The right way to move to Mexico (27:00)
VIP introduction to San Miguel de Allende (33:10)
The 10 Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do At Home (34:50)
Some new countries we plan on visiting (48:10)