The Quick Path to a Second Passport

second passport

Thinking of getting a second passport?

I know there are many out there (just like us at the Borderless Podcast) who would love the options that having a second citizenship would afford.

To get to the bottom of all of the different paths to citizenship we spoke to Daniel Perron from Henley & Partners. As the former head of HSBC  Global Immigration Services, Daniel has over 30 years of experience in helping high net worth individuals with international business and banking solutions. During the interview we go over every possible avenue to get a second citizenship. Henley & Partners specializes in economic citizenship programs which they have set up in a way that you can get one of the best passports on the planet while actually making money on your investment at the same time.

If you have thought about getting a second passport this episode is full of priceless information.

For more information e-mail Daniel at Mention that you heard him on the Borderless Podcast and be eligible for the free books.

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Show notes:
Why someone would want another citizenship (3:20)
US citizens who are looking to get a second citizenship (4:40)
Glen Roberts podcast
Renunciation numbers being underreported by the US government (6:50)
Does getting a second passport help US citizens in opening bank account over seas (7:25)
Different ways to obtain a second citizenship (8:37)
Citizenship by investment programs can be profitable (11:50)
Rental pools for citizenship by investment properties (15:15)
The available citizenship by investment programs available today (16:25)
Less expensive options to get a second citizenship (22:20)
Other programs that may be coming in the future (24:45)
Grey/Black market citizenships (26:00)
Limited time offer from Daniel (33:10)
How the idea of citizenship is evolving (35:00)
Developed countries attitude towards economic citizenship programs (38:00)
Being stateless (40:18)
Flag theory (41:20)
Countries that do not allow dual citizenship (42:10)
Citizenship in Monaco (43:30)
Other unorthodox citizenship programs (45:40)