The Sailboat Scientist


As a research professor and scientist-in-residence at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Yousaf Butt may not sound like the typical Digital Nomad. But he’s been able to buy out plenty of time to travel the world—often in his sailboat. He enjoys it so much, he created, which is a site designed to connect travelers with each other no matter where they’re going. He talks about his “travel bug,” his sailing excursions and the satisfaction that comes from creating one’s own life. We also roll out a new feature on some of our favorite podcasts, this week focusing on Nomad Capitalist Live. We highlight the results of our Borderless survey, and announce the coming launch of the Borderless Society.

Show Notes:
Mezcal discussion (1:05)
Yousaf’s Bio (5:35)
Trav2Trav (7:10)
Yousaf’s travel bug (12:38)
Creating one’s own life (20:47)
Randall Carlson (22:35)
Ralph Waldo Emerson quote (25:07)
Yousaf’s advice (26:38)
Nomad Capitalist Live (29:34)
Borderless Survey results (36:57)
Borderelss Society launch (39:42)

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