The Truth About Chile

Santiago-chile-city-new-widescreen-wallpapers-in-high-resolution-freeChile is a great option for those looking for a new destination in Latin America. We spoke to John Cobin from Escape America Now about the good and bad of life in Chile. He has lived there for over ten years and helps newcomers get set up the right way.

Show notes:
John’s background (2:00)
Why he chose to leave the US (4:18)
Why he chose to move to Chile (6:00)
Why the Chilean economy is different than other South American Countries (8:20)
How most Chilean view the “Chicago boys” (10:28)
The impact of the new socialist president on the economy (12:30)
The non-PC culture of Chile (15:15)
The possibility of a free market community (19:12)
Free market communities in Chile (20:44)
How he supported himself when arriving in Chile (23:45)
The cost of living in Chile (25:15)
Can You Trust a Chilean’s Information or Judgment? (29:40)
Chile on the Economic freedom index (36:15)
What kind of people would enjoy living in Chile (37:27)
The food in Chile (40:45)
John’s services (44:08)
Escape America Now
John’s advice for leaving the US (48:10)

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