Traveling to Europe is now cheaper than ever before

At the height of the summer travel season last year, the UK voted to exit the European Union. While changes are at hand both economically and politically, people shouldn’t be afraid to go out and travel to European countries. There’s so much to explore in faraway lands, and something like Brexit shouldn’t get in the way of people wanting to travel to the likes of Iceland, France and the United Kingdom.

Air tickets are lower now compared to last year

It’s a great time to book travel tickets to Europe. Airfares to Europe are plummeting especially during peak seasons, with tickets ranging from $450-$500 for a round trip. About three years ago, summer airfares to European countries were as high as $1,900. This is obviously one impact Brexit has had on the travel industry, and the fact that the Euro and Pound have been hit means that fewer people are flying from Europe to the U.S., and airlines are actively looking to fill seats, which explains the lower ticket prices.

Getting a good deal on tours in Europe and Britain

Apart from getting good deals on airfares, now is a great time to explore Britain and its many tours. The BBC revealed that the travel industry is scrambling to bring more tourists to visit the UK, and because of Brexit there is currently a lot of promos on offer. Tours that work together with airlines and hotels purchase discount cialis online usually put together enticing packages, some of which are educational, so keep an eye out for the various options available. These deals appear every now and then, especially during peak holiday seasons.

Your dollar will go further

The correlation between the USD and EUR is directly inverted. When the Euro goes down, the dollar goes up and vice versa. The current price of the U.S. Dollar is strong, and it’s almost at the same price as the Euro right now.

The factors that affect the price of the dollar and Euro in the global market are well known. According to the data presented by FXCM’s market scanner, the USD/EUR valuation is now at 1.11. The value of both currencies are so near now due to recent political outcomes such as Brexit, as well as interest rate hikes in the U.S.

The higher the value of the dollar, the more you’ll get for your money in the U.K. The same is true if you’re traveling within the European zone, although the Euro hasn’t depreciated as much as the British pound.

To sum things up, go out and explore the world! Shelving your plans because of political events such as Brexit shouldn’t impact you seeing the world. And this is especially relevant when Brexit actually works in the favor of non-EU travelers.

If ever there is a time to travel to the U.K. or Europe, it’s now.