Traveller, 31, earns $1MILLION and finds a glamorous girlfriend while exploring the world in style


A member of the Borderless Network recently posted an article about a 31 year blogger who was able to make a million dollars while traveling the world. The article writes about his life as if he had found a quick ticket to making lots of money and bagging a beautiful girlfriend while gallivanting around the world.

You can read the article here. 

However, take a quick look into the comments section and you get another story.

“I know this guy. He has been with his girlfriend for years and years, way before he had any money. She stuck by him while he worked and travelled for long periods of time. Sadly this information did not make it into the article as the DM prefers instead to sensationalize the story. He’s never off his phone and laptop and has worked hard to achieve this lifestyle. He believes passionately in being in charge of your own destiny and creating the life you want – he has done it from generic levitra at discount prices nothing and wants other people to get off their backsides and sit in the driving seat too. He studied economics at uni and would have made it in the city if he didn’t make it setting up on his own. He deserves everything he has today, it would be nice if people could respect that.”

I think this is a good example of how the media many times sensationalizes someone who has busted their ass for years and kept good people around them as an “overnight success” that has found the golden ticket to quick wealth.

Indeed, It seems that he is enjoying his life, but it is important to remember that it has come about through hard work and making smart decisions.

These kinds of results are available to all of us who are willing to pay the price.