The Tech Industry’s Jihad Against Free Thinkers Continues

In a recent interview on the Tucker Carlson show, Dave Rubin talks about the demonetization that his channel has experienced. For those that are not aware, YouTube has been taking money away from “controversial” videos in mass recently.

So what are the controversial guests that he mentions? Below are the names along with the videos so that you can see for yourself what positions YouTube wants silenced from polite society.

Philip Defranco. 
Ben Shapiro
Larry Elder
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Bishop Barron
Jason Whitlock

Funny, there’s nothing there that is violent, obscene or indecent. All I see are a bunch of people that are not ascribing to the collectivist group think of Silicon Valley.

So why would I care about what a private company chooses to do with it’s platform?

Simple, I want people to be aware that all social media networks are being scrubbed of anything even remotely non-PC.

    • Do you think the school and university systems have turned into rip-off indoctrination centers? Way too controversial
    • Do you think you should be able to learn about some of the tax strategies that big companies (like all of the tech companies I might add) use? Too out of the box.
    • Do you think that social media could be a great tool for free speech and showing people many of the things that they have been misled about? That certainly can’t be tolerated.

Does that sound like a world that you would like to live in?