What Net Neutrality Means to You

Net Neutrality

“Nature admires courage” – Terence Mckenna

Travis Boyd recently wrote a blog post entitled Why in the midst of success, I’m preparing to leave the US, where he outlined the reasons that recent tax and regulation hurdles in the US have caused him to prepare to leave the business that he built and look for brighter pastures overseas. In this episode we speak to him about what these problems are and go into depth about the Net Neutrality act which recently passed. We go into what this legislation means for everyone from an ISP business owner all to way down to the common American consumer. We also talk about the optimistic future in international markets and decentralized technologies.

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Show Notes:
Travis’s background (3:35)
What Net Neutrality is (8:13)
he dispute between Netflix and Comcast (11:55)
What Net Neutrality means for his business (14:30)
The state tax that crippled his business (19:55)
His plans for the future (27:40)
What Net Neutrality means to other business owners (31:17)
What Net Neutrality means to business outside of the US (33:44)
What Net Neutrality means to the average american consumer (37:25)
Travis’s advice to new entrepreneurs (39:25)
Optimism for the future (42:27)