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In this episode we talk to Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast. Much like the Borderless Podcast, Freedom Lovin’ is about helping people that want to break free of the 9-5 office culture and pursue the life that they want to be living by building freedom in an unfree world. We discuss many things in the episode such as how Kevin was able to make a living from selling information products based on his passion of swimming, the books that were great inspirations to him and some of his favorite places he has been able to visit with his location independent business. If you are interested in learning more about the New Mexico Anonymous LLC you can e-mail Kevin at and he will send you a free PDF.

Bonus Episode: After the interview Kevin asked us some questions about philosophy and the future of freedom. Click here to hear our answers.

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Show notes:
Kevin’s background (2:45)
The subject of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast (3:00)
Kevin’s definition of freedom (5:10)
How he got started selling information products (5:45)
How Freedom Lovin’ got started (7:50)
Rich Dad Poor Dad (9:20)
Multiple Streams of Internet Income (9:45)
How long it took Kevin to start making money online (12:15)
Is it too late to get into information products (13:30)
How I found freedom in an unfree world (14:30)
What Kevin has learned by doing his podcast (22:12)
The guests that have been on Freedom Lovin’ (25:00)
Anonymous New Mexico LLC (28:20)
Places that Kevin has traveled (32:05)
Tips to save money while traveling (33:20)
How to Get Paid to Live in Paradise
Kevin’s favorite places (35:20)
Digital Nomad hubs (37:30)
Practical uses for Bitcoin (39:30)
Kevin’s advice to new entrepreneurs (44:11)